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Wet Flies

Blue Wing Olive - Emerger

Hook: Mustad 94840 #18
Thread: Olive 8/0
Tail: Blue Dun Hackle Fibres
Abdomen: Olive Superfine Dubbing
Wing : Dun Quill Emerger Style
Hackle: Dun Hackle
Tyer: D. May
  bead head Prince  


hook 8 wet
tag silver tinsel
tail duck quill
rib silver tinsle
body red floss
throat red slappen 
wing red duck
Tyer: G. Dayton
  Admiral wet  

Emergent sparkle pupa olive

hook 12
underbody olive dubbing
overbody olive antron yarn
wing deer hair
head drown dubbing
Tyer: G. Dayton
  emergent sparkle pupa olive  


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