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Dry Flies

Blue Wing Olive - Parachute

Hook: Mustad 94842 #18
Thread: Olive 8/0
Tail: Blue Dun Hackle Fibres
Abdomen: Olive Superfine Dubbing
Wing : Antron post
Hackle: Dun Hackle Parachute Style
Tyer: D. Verkuyl
  BWO paraxhute  

Elk Hair Caddis


Hook: TMC 100 #14
Thread: Tan 6/0
Body: Tan rabbit dubbing
Hackle: Tan or Ginger, palmered
Wing: Tan Elk Hair
Tyer: N. Pujic

  elk hair caddis  

Black Gnat


hook 14
tail black hackle fibbers
body black dubbing
wing black duck quill
hackle black
Tyer: G. Dayton

  black gnat  

Blue Quill

hook 12
tail dun tail fibbers
body stripper peacock quill
wing duck quill
hackle dun
Tyer: G. Dayton
  Blue quill  

Orange Stimulator

hook 12 to 4
tail elk
rib hackle
body antron
wing elk
thorax orange seal
hackle grizzly
Tyer: G. Dayton
  orange stimulator  

PM Caddis

hook 12
tail elk
body dubbing
wing elk
hackle brown
Tyer: G. Dayton
  PM Caddis  

Rio Grande Trude

hook 10
tail gold pheasant tippets
body black dubbing
wing calftail
hackle brown hackle
Tyer: G. Dayton
  rio grande trude  

White Miller

Tyer: G. Dayton   white miller  


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