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Cold Creek Fly Fishers is a long standing organization which has been looking after one of Ontario's premier trout fisheries since 1976. The club, in cooperation with the Trent Valley Conservation Authority, and the MNR, acts as a collection of river keepers as well as fly fishing and tying enthusiasts. We have land owner agreement for stream access in recognition of stream monitoring and conservation, and have been working on the club waters to improve and maintain the stream habitat.

Conservation 2018
Two conservation days were held in 2017 one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Previously planted trees were pruned and protected and five 16 ft Serviceberry trees and a 16 ft White Oak tree were planted on the south side of the stream. A general clean up of the stream and banks along club water was carried out.

Conservation day this Autumn is Saturday 27th October 2018 8.30am. Meet at the parking area. This conservation day is dedicated to the memory of Carl Agar and all the work he did to protect cold creek and the surrounding environment.

Keeping Cold Creek a good habitat for trout:

John Seckar doesn't have to worry any more about crossing Cold Creek on his tractor and getting bogged down in the mud. "The banks were eroding and he was in danger of getting stuck," says John Robinson, conservation co-ordinator for the Cold Creek Fly Fishers.
So the club made fixing the problem its project for 2013.... more

Cattle Watering Project:

The latest project that our club has executed was on a farm on Pinewood School road where cattle had full access to the river... more

June 2004 Work Day(will open a slide show in a new page)


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