CCFF Memberships are valid for a full year. In the fishing season we fish and off-season we meet as a club every month for a variety of fishing-related activities.


Annual dues:

Adult - $75.00

Family - $85.00

Youth - $25.00

Initiation Fee:

Adult - $25.00

Family - $25.00

Youth - $10.00

Memberships and Applications

A Membership for the Whole Year Includes


Fishing Season

Cold Creek is a cold water creek, which means that the water temperature remains around 15 degrees Celsius (60 F). It is home to brown trout, brook trout, chub and other species of fish.

Fly Fishing on the creek takes place from late April to the end of September when the trout season is open.

CCFF’s home water is located to the east of Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area. 

The club has access to some of the best parts of Cold Creek through land owner agreements.

Off Season

When we are not fishing, Cold Creek Fly Fishers meet once a month for a variety of different activities and topical presentations.

Members Banquet

Each spring Cold Creek Fly Fishers hold a members banquet on the last weekend in April. This banquet includes guest speakers, raffle draws for fishing gear and much more.

Equipment Swap

At the last winter meeting, along with the Casting Clinic, CCFF holds an equipment swap. Bring any equipment you are no longer using to strike up a deal with another member for equipment they have.

Casting Clinics

CCFF members are always looking to improve their casting skills, which is why the final meeting before opening day is a casting clinic with some of Ontario’s best casters.

If you are a beginner this is one of the best ways to learn the art of fly casting with the aid of veteran fly fishers who have some of the best tips and techniques to offer.

Guest Speakers

CCFF invites a wide range of guest speakers to present and discuss a variety of topics about fishing and conservation.