The members of the executive will work as a team to achieve the goals of the CCFF as defined in the club constitution and provide leadership in all club activities which support these goals. The executive will function as directed by and with the approval of the CCFF membership. The executive may decide on a course of action necessitated by exigent circumstances to proceed without this direction and approval. Should this occur the executive shall explain its actions to the membership at the earliest opportunity. Without limiting the scope of the expected and normal responsibilities of each member of the executive or further responsibilities that may be requested by the CCFF, the general responsibilities of each member of the executive are:




  •  Provides leadership and direction for the executive team and the CCFF    

  • Ensures all members of the executive support assist and co-operate with each other in carrying out their individual responsibilities

  • Ensures the effective and efficient operation of the CCFF

  • Arranges all meetings of the CCFF, including an agenda of business, topics for discussion and invitation of guest speakers. Before each meeting provides all members with details of the agenda and a synopsis of the information that the guest speaker will provide.

  • Ensures that at each meeting there is sufficient time to discuss club business and that attendees are able to propose new business

  • Arranges the opening day banquet, including the guest speaker     


Open Position

  • Assists the president in carrying out his/her responsibilities

  • Assumes the role of president when the president is absent

  • Assumes the role of president if the president is unable to carry out his/her responsibilities

  • Assumes the role of president if the president resigns until such time as a new president is elected


  • Collects the CCFF dues and any other payments required for CCFF activities

  • Maintains a current membership list

  • Issues membership cards

  • Responsible for all accounts payable and receivable, reimburses members’ out of pocket expenses and pays landowners their yearly stipend

  • Provides a monthly report to the members of the executive consisting of a simple financial statement showing income, expenses and the balance of the CCFF account

  • Provides a yearly report to the CCFF membership at the Fall elections meeting

  • Maintains a detailed financial ledger

  • Monitors income and spending and ensures the club has sufficient money to support its normal expenses, the banquet and any projects

  • Records minutes of the CCFF club meetings and executive meetings and distributes same to the CCFF club members




  • Receives input from all CCFF members and landowners on conservation projects

  • Assumes a leadership role in deciding what conservation projects should proceed 

  • Ensures the Landowner Liaison Officer is conversant with all conservation projects and that this information is conveyed to the landowners 

  • Determines the date and time of conservation projects and arranges all required materials, tools and manpower

  • Supervises all conservation projects and assigns manpower as required






  • Liaises with all landowners and endeavours to maintain good relations between them and the CCFF 

  • Ensures that the landowners have input regarding conservation

  • Ensures that the landowners are aware of any conservation projects and relevant activities carried out by the CCFF

  • Delivers the yearly stipend to each landowner




  • Maintains and administers the CCFF Facebook page

  • Attempts to recruit new members for the CCFF, particularly young people

  • Produces brochures about the CCFF and ensures that they are continually updated and in sufficient supply

  • Ensures that positive information about the CCFF is distributed to the public and the media when applicable

  • Ensures that the media are made aware of all CCFF conservation projects before they take place to allow an opportunity for photographs, and communicates with the media on projects carried out

  • Provides interviews for the media when requested